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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a loving, Christian environment where children can develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Where the Love of Learning Begins.

We are a high quality early childhood preschool in Floyds Knobs, Indiana serving children from ages 3-5. We have 15 class options led by certified teachers with a full time assistant in each room. We are a Christ centered preschool and read Bible stories and pray with our students daily.

Our students get to work their minds and body in our very own Minds-in-Motion room! Our trained teachers have implemented the research based maze for students to enjoy daily. We also have an outdoor sensory path and outdoor playground.

Christ-Centered Preschool

Certified Teachers

Full Time Assistants

Low Teacher to Student Ratios

We Follow

Play Based Academics

Frequently Asked Questions

See our most asked questions below:

Students will enter preschool during a 10 minute window where the door is unlocked and held open (if a parent is late they may ring the doorbell). Students walk to their classroom, hang their school bag and coat on their hook and find their name on the table. At the tables they will begin their table top center. This activity may be a building activity such as magna tiles, a fine motor activity such as Play-doh or a literacy or math station. Once everyone arrives, stations are put up and students go to “carpet time.” During carpet time the teacher will lead the class in songs, dance and movement and stories correlating with the week’s theme. Letters, sounds, numbers, counting, shapes, sight words and many more academic skills will be introduced and practiced based on our curriculum. The rest of the day continues with crafts and/or process art activities, science and stem activities, academic goals and lots of free play. Our play stations and centers include many changing materials including building with blocks, magna tiles, legos, magnets etc…, dollhouse and dramatic play, science centers, kitchen, art centers, train table, vehicles, and much more. We feel strongly about a good balance of free play and strong academics allowing our students to get what they need developmentally and still be academically prepared for kindergarten. We also have snack each day, visit the outdoor playground and sensory path and work our minds and bodies in our “green room” going through our minds in motion maze.

​Students will stay after their morning class for a 2 hour extension on their day. They will bring their lunch from home and enjoy having lunchtime with their friends. The theme of the week will continue with another art activity, more outside and/or Green room time and additional songs and stories. Kinder Prep kids will also enjoy additional games and centers revolving around the week’s academic goals. Lunch bunch and bridge allow your child to get used to a longer day and provide more social and academic time. They also love staying and having lunch with their friends.


Yes we ask that students be potty trained before starting. Keep in mind there is a lot of time between now and August. With a little intentionality, consistency and patience it is possible. All of our teachers are moms and we have been there! We do not miss the potty training days but have faith you and your child will get through this. 🙂 We understand accidents can happen in preschool so don’t stress if your child has an accident. It can happen. Again we are all Moms and we get it.

​There is a lot of time between now and August and a lot can change over the summer. If you don’t get a class time that fits your needs you will go on our waitlist. We will call you if a spot opens up and see if you’re still interested. If you don’t get in a class at all, we are happy to refund you your registration fee or apply it to the following year.

Current Parents: Jan 4th

Alumni Families: Jan 15th

New Families: Jan 25th

School Begins August 13, 2024

The 2032-2024 school year will begin August 15th. Once we begin, we normally follow the calendar of NAFC Schools regarding breaks.


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